SAM4S, trusted throughout the world


Shinheung Precision Corporation
has made endless efforts to achieve

sustainable business innovation, technological advancement,

and human resources development

“Shinheung is a leading corporation which provides the best quality precision machines and
service in the
digital era We will be the one, creating
human-centered digital era"

Our vision matches our
customers’ dreams

We promise to make perfect products that meet
our customers’ high expectations

Shinheung will be there with you in your way to
make your dreams come true

Main Partners

  • Domestic
  • International

Affiliates and Factories

  • Since 1968
  • 11 Countries (HQ in Korea)
  • 16 Affiliates (Including SAM4S)
  • 25 Offices and Factories
  • Over 13,000 Employees
  • $1.0 Billion
  • www.shc.co.kr

Business Categories

  • Press / Injection Molding
  • Car / Electronic Equipment
  • Manufacturing
    Partner of Global IT Companies
  • POS / PDA / ECR
    POS Printer / EFT POS Terminal